We’re going to need a bigger bag…

IMAG2753There is no such thing as a big enough kit bag. My TYR Big Mesh Mummy bag is always full to busting (see evidence left…).

I really need to splash out on something bigger but I can’t bring myself too while this one’s still breathing (just).

Typically my kit bag’s got four or five caps, two pairs of goggles, earplugs and other random stuff (like my daughter’s Zoggs dive sticks or a cuddly toy) stuffed into the front pocket.

My Zoggs water bottle only just fits into the side pocket and the main section has two towels, two costumes, wet gear bag, kickboard, fins, paddles and pull buoy.

If only there were room for snacks! These currently have to be carried in a separate wheelbarrow. Ahem…

My wetsuits and cold water swimming kit live in another backpack from Orca which is suffering under the same kind of strain. It’s only a matter of time before something explodes!

What’s in your kit bag?


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